1. Get the app

Please download our APP “iTrack Easy” from app store or play store. Or please scan QR code to download the app.

2. Turn on Bluetooth

Make sure your Bluetooth on your phone is on.

On your phone, you can tap “Settings->Bluetooth”



3. Sign Up for New User

Start “iTrack Easy” APP and tap the Sign up button


4. Pair the iTrack device to your phone

1). Make sure to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth.

2). Hold the iTrack device close to your phone.

3). Hold the button on the iTrack device until you hear a beep and the LED starts flashing.



5. Find my phone via iTrack

When iTrack is connected to your phone, hold the iTrack button and your phone will sound alert.



6.Find iTrack via phone

When iTrack is connected to your phone, open the iTrack App and tap the “Ring” icon on the App, the device will beep and red LED will flash.



7. Camera Romote

The button on the iTrack device also doubles as a camera remote. Never be left out of a group picture again.


8. Know our iTrack

 1. Strap hole

 2. Button: for pairing with phone, wake up the iTrack device and camera remote

 3. Notch

 4. LED




9. Change Battery

 1. Open iTrack from the notch on the side. You can use a flat head screwdriver to pry it open.

 2. Replace the old battery and put a new CR2032 battery.

 3. After putting the cover back, press the button to connect to you phone again.



Battery Safety Notes

Danger to life. Keep batteries out of the reach of pets and children. If swallowed, seek medical device immediately.

Fire Hazard! Do not short-circuit batteries. Batteries may overheat or explode.

Do not expose batteries to water or fire. Do not attempt to charge not-rechargeable batteries. The batteries may explode.


IP Rating Notes

The devices is rated to be splash proof only. Do not immerse the device in water to avoid irreparable damage.



The packaging is made of eco-friendly, recyclable material. Please ask your local authorities about appropriate methods of disposal. Defective or empty batteries must be recycled in accordance with Directive 2006/66/EC. Return batteries and/or the device to the designated collection facility. Batteries cotain toxic substances that must be treated separately from domestic waste.