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On the weekends, the weather was beautiful and she worked hard for a week. It was time to relax. So the arrangement of various programs, entertainment on various occasions, "can not be too busy." One of the most indispensable is that about a few "wine and meat" brothers came together to revelry wine. "Wine" this thing, you say it is not good, some occasions lack it and not work. You say it is good, it is often the culprit of the accident. This is not, a brother is almost drinking, and these words are also getting louder. What flies in the sky and blows on the ground is like a continuous stream of water. In this incident, he mentioned one thing that caught my attention. He sang and drank in "KTV", often without drunkenness. He lost no more than three mobile phones and purses for this, and he felt distressed. Several of us have teased him and said: If you can't drink it, don't install it. It's a price to pay for it. Hahaha! The brother accompanied me with a bitter smile: Not how drunk, and the way home is still known, is to play too much, the mobile wallet on the "KTV" forgot to take. It's already the next morning when you remember it. Hey, it's a lesson! Some of my brothers are half-bred and half-breasted. Each of them gave him a trick. What to drink after that, don't take mobile phones, wallets, and other valuables. What's up... Xiaobian, I can't hear it. Going down: nonsense, this drink does not bring a purse, you who pay for it? How to contact and drink this without a cell phone? Don't pull some useless. Ever since, Xiao Bian has revealed an artifact that has given me this elder brother's long-forgotten brother. This is a iTrack "Bluetooth smart anti-lost device" produced by Conkey Technology, a small square patch. Do not look at the product is small, although the sparrow is small and fully-organized. The principle is to use the Bluetooth link and disconnect to achieve the alarm. You can also search in both directions, such as product search for mobile phones, mobile phones to find products. When Xiao Bian flashed this artifact and demonstrated it to the buddies one by one, the buddies were shocked! Let's see, a small "Bluetooth smart anti-lost device" can not only take care of our valuables, but also let Xiao Bian make full face at the wine table, ha ha ~! What are you waiting for? It's better to act! A little change in life can be exchanged for a loyal financial "bodyguard", you earned ~! The average person I told him, haha ~! For details, refer to: