BLE Logger Temperature data logger K4PT


Reusable BLE Temperature Logger K4PT

  • High accurate temperature sensor 
  • Track conditions in storage, processing and packing facilities
  • Access data on mobile device or gateway up to 600 meters (in PHY Coded mode)
  • Wireless: No need to open doors and locate logger for downloading
  • Customize settings: ID/name, logging interval, high/low threshold alert, etc
  • Up to 60,000 logging points supported
  • IP67 waterproof

K4PT Bluetooth BLE Temperature logger is a reusable BLE logger with NORDIC ® nRF52 series of extremely-low power ARM ® chipsets. K4PT temperature logger has the shape of a compact case, water resistance design, reliable hardware.

BLE temperature logger has been designed for for facility monitoring, pre-cooling operations, delivery routes and couriers, this wireless monitoring solution provides temperature and location information during storage, processing and transportation of any perishable product.

Bluetooth BLE temperature logger data logger support up to 60,000 data points storage. You can access the data points wireless by App on mobile device or KKM gateway.

The transmission range of K4PT Bluetooth temperature logger is -40 dBm to +8 dBm, it also support PHY Coded long range. The maximum range of K4PT BLE temperature logger in open space is up to 600 meters with KKM gateway.


Wireless Temperature data logger by Bluetooth technology

Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF52 series

Up to 600 meters wide range

Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)

Logo and color customizable (MOQ)

Customized ID/Name, logging interval

100% Configurable Parameters 


Temperature data logger
Accelerometer available
Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) and KSensor at the same time.
All the parameters of this product can be modified via configure APP or KGateway.

PRODUCT Application


Material for shellABS
Accessory3M tape or screw
BatteryCR2477 (replaceable)
Battery life>48 Months (Based on Broadcast Interval 1s and TX power 0dBm)
Waterproof levelIP67 waterproof
Main Features
Support Protocol◆Apple iBeacon
◆Eddystone URL
◆Eddystone UID
◆Eddystone TLM
◆Ksensor (in default)
ButtonYES (internal)
Sensor◆Temperature sensor, error:+/-0.5℃ ,-40℃~70℃;
RechargeableNo(Its battery can be replaced )
Programmable parameters◆Tx Power/Advtisement period/Lock password;
◆iBeacon UUID/Major/Mior;
◆Compatible with Eddystone, URL, UID(NamespaceID, SerialID)
Others◆Support Non connection advertisment Mode
◆Support Configruation advertisment Mode
◆Support Factory reset
Physical features
ChipsetnRF528xx serie
BLE5.0BLE5.0, Supportable(High throughput, Advertising Ext, Improved coexistence, PHY Coded mode)
Wireless Frequency Band2.4GHz
Transmitting range ◆BLE4.0/5.0 *100 meters in the open space.
◆BLE5.0 PHY Coded mode *up to 600 meters in the open space.The range depends on physical environment.
Powered by3V CR2477 coin battery
Display wayBeacon Gateway or via Phone App
Beacon Factory Default Setting
iBeacon◆UUID: 0x7777772E-6B6B-6D63-6E2E-636F6D000001
◆MinorID: 0x0001
Tx Power0dBm
Broadcast interval1000ms
Eddystone UID◆Namespace ID: 6B6B6D636E2E636FD01
◆InstanceID ID:0x000000000001
Eddystone URLURL:
Eddystone TLM◆Battery voltage;
◆Advertisements count/Time since power-up
Working environment
Working temperature-30℃~+65℃
Storage  temperature10℃~+25℃,≤65%RH

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