Bluetooth iTrack Glasses Tracker

iTrack Glasses Tracker Bluetooth Tracker

iTrack Glasses Tracker is the smallest BLE tracker. Simply stick the iTrack Glasses to your glasses and you will never have to look for them again.

iTrack Glasses Tracker is designed for glasses, it will fit on the inside/outside of the arm, or it can attach to those thin arm glasses with the assessory.

Make your glasses ring if in range or check their last known location in our iTrackEasy App if out of range.

With its long lasting rechargeable battery, you will never need to replace anything!

Siri to Find

2-Way Finder

Network Search

Lost Seen Location

Seperation Alarm

Multi Language

Find Your Classes with iTrack Glasses Tracker Bluetotoh Tracker

The smallest Bluetooth Tracker, help you to find your misplaced glasses or small items in seconds

Keep Your Style

iTrack Glasses Bluetooth Glasses Tracker is designed for glasses, it can fit in the most of glasses even the glasses with thin arm.
You can easily to attach the iTrack Glasses Tracker to your glasses without worrying too much.

One-Click to Find and Out of Range Notification

You can easily to ring the iTrack Glasses Tracker, the iTrack Glasses will make sound alarm.
iTrack Glasses will also remain you when you forget to take it with you.

Last Seen Location

If you miss the sound alarm at the period of out of range alert, you can check the last seen location in the iTrackEasy App.




Battery Life
1 Month per charge

Battery Capacity
40mAh Rechargeable

Sound boost chip drive

New Low Energy nRF52 series BLE5.0 chipset

iTrackEasy Smart Tracker