Wireless Tilt Sensor K9AT

KKM K9AT is Wireless Accelerometers/Tilt Sensor broadcast at a user-defined power and interval,.
It converts accelerometer measurements to tilt angle detection. It triggers advertisement once the inclination beyond the preset value is detected.

The K9AT Tilt Sensor is water-resistant and dustproof with a rating of IP67. 






  • Wireless Industrial Tools Monitoring
  • Machine Tilt Detection
  • The machine on/off state detection
  • Object Balance Detection

  • Industrial Grade IP67 Tilt dection
  • Configurable Angle threshold Parameters
  • Uses Interrupts for Tilt detection with very little power consumption
  • Trigger advertisement once inclination exceed the preset threshold
  • Configurable sensitivity inclination detection
  • Operating Temperature Range -40 to +65 °C
  • PHY Coded Long Range of up to 900 meters
  • Powered By industrial grade ER14505 battery


4X Range

Support BLE5.0 PHY Coded Advertisement

8X Broadcast Capacity

Support Extend
Advertisement (255Byte)

2X Speedy

BLE5.0 2MBps

5.1 AoA

Chip support BLE5.1
AoA System

Barrier Management 

Use K9AT wireless tilt detection sensor to monitor the placement of the barrier in road building/repair. Make sure the barrier is in place and prevent people get in side the restrict area by mistake.

Machine Status Monitoring 

With the help of K9AT tilt sensor, you can understand the machine working condition. Get notice in case the machine/equipment is inclinated or falling down.

product specification


Bluetooth Version

Transmit Range

Broadcast Interval



Nordic nRF52 series

BLE5.0 (compatible with BLE4.x)

100 meters (600 meters in PHY Coded mode)

100 ms ~ 40000 ms


Range: +/-2 g, can be adjustable by firmware Measure accuracy: +/-32 mg

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