Bluetooth Tamperproof Beacon Bracelet W7


W7 Tamperproof Beacon is wearable bracelet Beacon with ultra low power chipset nRF52 series and BLE 5.0 technology.

W7 Tamperproof Beacon is a strong and duratble wristband Beacon designed for adult in hospital, prison and etc. It support tamper alert and cut-off alert, it will trigger preset BLE advertisement in case it’s tamper or cut-off happen. It is designed for people management and indoor location-based service.

W7 tamperproof beacon is built with temperature sensor, it monitor body temperature and broadcast via Eddystone TLM and KSensor protocol.

W7 Tamperproof beacon support upt to 40,000 offline temperature storage.



Bluetooth Low Energy, rechargeable

Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF52 series

Tamperproof: trigger advertisement if it’s cut, dissambled or taken off.

Up to offline 40,000 temperature records

Support button trigger (SOS button/ Remote control/ Panic button etc.)

Provided with your own configuration 

100% Configurable Parameters via app (Android & iOS)


Tamperproof, cut-off alert
SOS button support
Body temperature monitoring
Additional Motion sensors available
Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) at the same time.
All the parameters of this product can be modified via configure APP.

Tamper Alert

Smart mechanism design, the device will trigger advertisement in case the wristband is cut, disassembled or taken off.

Robust and IP67 Waterproof Design

With extraordinary robust and waterprooof design, it stands in variety of harsh environments, such as prison, detention house.

Support SOS Button

With touch button, it can use as SOS/Panic button, Remote controller, and etc.

BLE5.0, Ultra-long battery life

With nRF52 series BLE5.0 low energy consumption, it lasts for more than 1 year per charge.

Body temperature monitoring

The body temperature data can upload to cloud via gateway, or up to 40,000 records can store in memeory, and read them when you need.


Material for shellABS+silicone loop
ColorBlack, red, blue
Size 45mm*50mm*260mm
AccessoryRing silicone
BatteryLi-polymer battery (rechargeable)
Battery lifeUp to 18 months per charge
Waterproof levelIP67
Main Features
Support Protocol◆Apple iBeacon
◆Eddystone URL
◆Eddystone UID
◆Eddystone TLM
OTASupport(Update by air)
Button1 Button (touch button)
SensorBody temperature sensor
Programmable parameters◆Tx Power/Advtisement period/Lock password;
◆iBeacon UUID/Major/Mior;
◆Compatible with Eddystone,URL,UID(NamespaceID, SerialID
BuzzerSound optional
Others◆Support Non connection advertisment Mode
◆Support Configruation advertisment Mode
◆Support Factory reset
Physical features
ChipsetnRF52 series
Tx Power-40~4dBm
Wireless Frequency Band2.4GHz
Transmitting range ◆BLE4.0/5.0: up to 100m;
*The max. range 100 meters in the open space. The range depends on physical environment.
Powered by Li-polymer battery (rechargeable)
Display wayBeacon Gateway or via Phone App
Beacon Factory Default Setting
iBeacon◆UUID: 0x7777772E-6B6B-6D63-6E2E-636F6D000001
◆MinorID: 0x0001
Tx Power0dBm
Broadcast interval1000ms
Eddystone UID◆Namespace ID: 6B6B6D636E2E636FD01
◆InstanceID ID:0x000000000001
Eddystone URLURL:
Eddystone TLM◆Battery voltage;
◆Advertisements count/Time since power-up
Default Lock Code16Byte Lock Code:
Working environment
Working temperature-40℃~+70℃
Storage  temperature10℃~+25℃,≤65%RH

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