KKM beacon gateway KG01

KG01 Gateway
Design for Outdoor
 WPA2, 802.1x Enterprise
Offline Data Storage
Support 900 meters long range

KKM KG02 beacon gateway

KG02 Gateway
Optional LTE
 WPA2, 802.1x Enterprise
Offline Data Storage
Built-in AP

KG03 Gateway
Optional LTE & GPS feature
Work in Harsh Environment
Offline Data Storage
Built-in AP

KG04 Gateway
BLE/WiFi gateway
Dual Core Processor
Large Memory
Secure Data Transmit


How does the KKM gateway upload data?

KKM gateway support 4G/WiFi/Ethernet to connect internet and upload data via HTTP(S)/MQTT/MQTT TLS.

The network is not stable in my area, what I can do?

Our gateway support offline data storage. The data will store in internal memory, and upload to cloud once connected to network.

Does your gateway support OTA?

Yes. All our gateway support OTA.

Can I configure the parameters of gateway remotely?

Our gateway support remote configration. You can set the parameters of gateway by commands.

Can I develop my own application based on your gateway?

Our gateway is developed based on OpenWRT Linux. You can develop your own applications.

Does the gateway support WiFI WPA2.0 enterprise?

Yes. Our Gateway support WiFI WPA2.0 enterprise.

Does your gateway support MQTT TLS?

Yes. Our gateway support HTTP(S), MQTT, MQTT TLS.