Indoor Navigation & Tracking in Office Buildings

Indoor positioning, indoor navigation and indoor tracking can make managing large offices much easier.
Visitor and invitation management, workplace management and access control systems can lead to simplification of internal processes and cost savings.

Room booking systems, location-based task management, location sharing with colleagues, cafeteria menus or company news are some of the features of employee apps.

More information on BLE 4.0 / 5.1 tags (beacons)


Support your staff and visitors with smart functions. With KKM Indoor Navigation, you can create added value for your staff and visitors and simplify internal processes. Within the app, users can search for the offices of individual employees or unoccupied meeting rooms, which can be booked and navigated to. Using Colleague Finder, colleagues can share their location with each other and thus better coordinate their work.

Visitors can be routed directly to their respective contacts (invitation management). Optional tracking of the movement profile can be realized without breaching data protection policies. In addition, a location memory function for cars (car finder) and the integration of public transport facilitate the arrival. In order to help visitors and new employees orientate themselves in the foyer, all KKM maps can be integrated into terminal solutions. All of the solutions can be linked to existing systems, so that a seamless information exchange takes place.


KKM provides an operations control system based on the indoor navigation system for the coordination of contractors or company employees. In a control center, you have a comprehensive overview of your staff’s location and can therefore delegate tasks more efficiently. Available staff near a location can directly be assigned tasks using push notifications. Furthermore, additional geo-based information can be collected and forwarded, meaning that, for example, a length of stay analysis can be realized.

Technical Implementation

The existing technical infrastructure can directly be used in many cases. Depending on the requirement, the operator choses a client-based (app is necessary, positioning via Wi-FiBluetooth beacons and sensor fusion, including a back channel) or a server-based solution (no app required; positioning via KKM Locator Nodes; detection of Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth beacons, Ultra-wideband or RFID modules; no back channel available). High-precision solutions with low latencies can be implemented on the basis of Ultra-wideband (UWB). The use of RFID is suitable for a point-specific object identification with high unit numbers.

Indoor navigation software by KKM can be implemented in existing applications, websites and hospital information systems. The accuracy is – depending on the technical realization – up to ten centimeters or less.