Coded PHY Long Range Sensor Beacon K6P


Coded PHY Long Range Sensor Beacon
Our K6P Sensor Beacon supports Long Range feature (PHY coded) and maximum 8dBm transmit power. K6P uses nRF52833 chip and supports the Long Range feature, which will increase the transmission distance by 4 times compared to Ble 4.0.

Through the combination of Long Range and 8dBm, the K6P can reach distance >800M. (Our customers can achieve 1100M in the field test in an open environment when working with KKM KG01. KG01 also supports PHY Coded feature)
K6P Sensor Beacon is a precise temperature & humidity indicator sensor and data logger with Bluetooth® 5.0 support. It broadcast the environmental temperature and humidity data via Bluetooth.

It support extended probe, which is fit for sealed environment. It can also support different sensor, such as CO2, Gas and etc.

By connecting to smartphone App via Blueooth® or KGateway gateway, it can upload temperature and humidity data to local server or remote cloud platform, and you can use KGateway to configure/set the parameter of K6P Temperature and Humidity Sensor Beacon.
With high quality integrated digital temperature and humidity chip sensor, K6P Sensor Beaocn has advantage of long-term stability, low latency and ability to resist chemical contamination.

K6P Sensor Beacon has up to 8 years battery life, it supports working in ultrl-low and high temperature environment, it’s waterproof IP63, fit different usage environment. It support iBeacon, Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM), KSensor broadcast at the same time. All the parameters of this product can be modified via configuration App.


4X Range

Support BLE5.0 PHY Coded Advertisement

8X Broadcast Capacity

Support Extend
Advertisement (255Byte)

2X Speedy

Support 2MBps

5.1 AoA

Chip support BLE5.1
AoA System


Additional Motion sensors available
Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) at the same time.
All the parameters of this product can be modified via configure APP.

Usage ScenarioS

Warehouse Storage & Cold Chain logistics

K6P Long Range Sensor Beacon provides sensor data tracking, which helps shipping operators ensure their goods maintain the correct atmosphere and arrive intact. This sensor data is crucial for everyone involved. Upon reaching the destination, sensor data will likely be handed over to the customer as proof goods have been cared for. 

Agriculture temerature monitoring/real-time temperature and humidity monitoring and management

K6P is widely used in temperature and humidity monitoring in greenhouses, soil, open-air environment, plant foliage, grain, and vegetable and fruit storage. The wireless air temperature and humidity sensor is used to detect the temperature and humidity of the air in the agricultural environment. The soil temperature and humidity sensor is installed in the soil at the root of the crop to detect the soil temperature, moisture content and changes in the process of crop growth and development.

Smart Temperature & Humidity System

Place K6P temperature & humidity Long Range Sensor Beacon in every clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, blood bank, operating room and hotel room, Improve operational efficiency by recording data in real time through a continuous wireless temperature and humidity monitoring solution. Also you will receive real-time alert notifications the moment measurements exceed the acceptable range.



Material for shellABS
ColorBlack, White(Other colors can be customized)
Battery3.6V 2600mAh ER14505 Lithium battery
Battery lifeUp to 8 year (Base on Broadcast Interval 1s and TX power 0dBm)
Waterproof levelIP63
Main Features
Support Protocol◆Apple iBeacon
◆Eddystone URL
◆Eddystone UID
◆Eddystone TLM
SensorTemperature-Humidity sensor: +/-0.3℃, -40℃~70℃
Accelerometer: optional
Programmable parameters◆Tx Power/Advtisement period/Lock password;
◆iBeacon UUID/Major/Mior;
◆Compatible with Eddystone,URL,UID(NamespaceID, SerialID
Others◆Support Non connection advertisment Mode
◆Support Configruation advertisment Mode
Physical features
ChipsetnRF528XX serie
Tx Power-40 ~ 8dBm
BLEBLE5.0   Supportable(High throughput, Advertising Ext, Improved coexistence, PHY Coded)
Wireless Frequency Band2.4GHz
Transmitting range ◆BLE4.0/BLE5.0 ~ 100m
*The range depends on physical environment.
Powered byER14505 Lithium battery
Display wayBeacon Gateway or via Phone App
Beacon Factory Default Setting
iBeacon◆UUID: 0x7777772E-6B6B-6D63-6E2E-636F6D000001
◆MinorID: 0x0001
Tx Power0dBm
Broadcast interval1000ms
Eddystone UID◆Namespace ID: 6B6B6D636E2E636FD01
◆InstanceID ID:0x000000000001
Eddystone URLURL:
Eddystone TLM◆Battery voltage;
◆Advertisements count/Time since power-up
Default Lock Code16Byte Lock Code:
Working environment
Working temperature-40℃~+70℃
Storage  temperature10℃~+25℃,≤65%RH

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