What Is Proximity Marketing Beacon?

Proximity Marketing Beacon sends advertisements of new product arrival, promotions, or other information when users come into the preset range.

Proximity Marketing Bluetooth Beacon sends BLE signals in it’s Bluetooth range. The BLE signals are normally combined with unique ID and characters. The signals are detcted by any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone within the transimitting range, then the App check action assigned to that ID and respond accordingly. A notification will pop-up and show a discount, new product launch, a feedback form and etc.

Who Can Use Proximity Marketing Beacon Solutions

Any business or service that is operation from a fixed location can implement the proximity marketing beacon solutions. 

Retail Stores
Retail Store can offer a iBeacon/Eddystone proximity marketing solutions to their customers by putting together a package of coupons or offer a discount

Restaurants send special menus/daily specials, coupons, offers for loyalty programs, or perhaps send other games to help them pass the time

Use iBeacon proximity marketing to deliver ticket package promotion, coupons information, offer discount, fans activities information 

Sense exactly where the visitors are in the museum, provide relevant information such as cultural relics descripstions, or souvenir on-sales

Travel Hubs
Travel hubs such as airport, train station or public transportation centers use iBeacon to display ads for special local products, tourist guidelines and etc

It provides a custom notification which link to photos, video for more virtual exprssion of the items, offer coupons or promotions ads

Our Advantage

KKM Beacon support iBeacon and Eddystone simultaneously, you can use only one Bluetooth Beacon to cover the iPhone or Android users, which can lower your cost a lot.

We provide API or SDK to integrate to your software/platform. 

iBeacon: Apple first launched beacon standard in 2013.
Eddystone: Google introduced the Eddystone protocol in 2015.

To understand how proximity marketing Beacon works:

1. Beacons are deployed at the locations we need.
2.These Bluetooth beacons broadcast signals in its Bluetooth range. BLE signals combine a ID numbers and characters.
3. The signals are detected by any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
4. The smartphone then sends the ID to the cloud server.
5. The server checks the action assigned to that ID number and responds accordingly.

Choose The Right Bluetooth Beacon for Your Business

Small Size Portable Beacon

Waterproof indoor/outdoor Beacon

Long Range Beacon

Open SDK or API
〉Detailed & comprehensible
〉Demo code available
〉Easy to integrate
〉Perfect to build your own application/platform

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