iTrack Mini Ultra Small Key Finder


iTrack mini Key FInder | Anti-lost alarm, is a small and tiny key finder, it’s small-design allow it attach or place in your wallet, keyring, or attached to your luggage, handbag and etc. It help keep your valuables within Bluetooth range. When the iTrack key finder is out of range (about 150 feet without obstruction), your phone and iTrack key finder will alarm. It reminds you when you leave thing behind.

ALARM METHOD:Sound + led light flash

Anti-lost alarm, keep your valuables within range. When the iTag is out of range (about 75feet without obstruction), your phone and iTag will be alarm. “Find It” Alerts, find each other(iTag and smart phones)within range. Trace your car on parking lot, locate the parking site on map before leaving from your car, help you trace back no matter how far you go way. Retrieve your lost items, A pin-drop will be marked automatically on Map to show you where your belongings is lost. Self-portrait, capture the happiest moment easily, works as remote shutter for self-portrait, with burst shot. Voice record, trigger on/off the voice recording on the phone underground


iTrack Easy Overview