iTrack Mini Ultra Small Key Finder


iTrack mini Key FInder | Anti-lost alarm, is a small and stylish key finder, it’s small-design allow it attach or place in your wallet, keyring, or attached to your luggage, handbag and etc. It help keep your valuables within Bluetooth range. When the iTrack key finder is out of range (about 150 feet without obstruction), your phone and iTrack key finder will alarm. It reminds you when you leave thing behind.

ALARM METHOD:Sound + led light flash

  • LOST AND QUICKLY FOUND – Running late and can’t find your keys? Stop wasting time! With the iTrack key finder, simply push a button, you can find your keys and get out the door in no time!
  • TRACK ANYTHING BIG OR SMALL – Never lose anything again—not even a person or pet! If your kid sometimes wanders off at the park or your dog is an escape artist, the Geo fense Bluetooth Tracker can quickly alert you to their location via phone app.
  • Retrieve your valuables without a hitch – thanks to our luggage Bluetooth tracker, by a simple Bluetooth technology, iPhone and Android app, and GPS locating capabilities. If you have an Apple device, you can even use Siri to help you find your things!
  • POCKET-SIZED PORTABLE – This key finder never gets in your way since it’s super slim and less than an inch long! You can slip it into your wallet or luggage without it taking up valuable space.


2-Way Finder

Siri to Find

Network Search

Last Seen Location

Separation Alarm

Selfie Button

Loud Sound Alarm

Multi Language


iTrack Easy Overview