RTLS Solutions for Airports & Railway Stations

Indoor positioning offers mobile support for travellers at train stations and airports and guides them to the right place – hassle-free. KKM technology can be used not only for indoor navigation and location-based services, but also for monitoring passenger flows or identifying busy and crowded areas. A tracking system can also be used to locate valuable goods and/or personnel and make a decisive contribution to optimizing work processes. Other possible applications include improved queue management, optimization of security guard routes or more efficient inventory management.

Features for Airports & Railway Stations


In the complex building structures of an airport or railway station, it is not always easy to keep an overview. Different terminals or tracks, the fastest way to the right check-in counter, gate or platform – KKM’s indoor navigation helps you to prepare your business trip or family holiday in the best possible way. An interactive building plan shows all important points of interest such as ATMs, lavatories and ticket counters. The passenger sees his/her location as a blue dot on the map and can be guided to different locations in a similar way to navigation in a car. Positioning inside the building works with an accuracy of a few meters, with consideration of the floor level.

However, the focus of such an app not only lies on indoor navigation. Up-to-date travel information and alerts in the event of any changes can provide passengers with planning security and reduce stress. Spare time can then be put to better use, for example for shopping, relaxing or working. Retailers can present themselves in detail and send potential customers tailor-made offers. The map material can not only be integrated into a smartphone app, but also into a website and into an onsite touchscreen (terminal solution/multitouch kiosk).


Large railway stations and airports offer a lot of shops and services – in most cases on different floor levels. The digital strategies of the retail sector, for example location-based marketing and couponing, combined with indoor navigation, increases revenues and offers clients many advantages.

With location-based marketing, store owners can reach their target groups even better. Additional purchase incentives can be displayed via couponing and push notifications, dependent on the user’s location and interests.

Within the app, all relevant shops along the travel chain are displayed. The “Around me” function provides an overview of all shops in the user’s environment. Useful if there is time to spare before the departure.

KKM Analytics provides detailed analyses of visitor flows. The entire length of time spent at the station or airport is recorded and mapped, compliant with data protection regulations. That way, interesting insights for management and marketing can be acquired.


Operators also benefit from extensive evaluations. Using KKM Analytics, detailed information on visitor flows can be obtained in compliance with data protection regulations. This allows, among other things, an automatic analysis of waiting times (e.g. at security checks at airports). A heat map can help to identify highly frequented or barely used areas. As a helpful security measure, actions can be defined that are triggered when a restricted area is entered or an area is congested.

In addition, a real-time locating system (RTLS) provides location information on vehicles and equipment and helps to improve business productivity. The solution ensures safe and efficient operations and the best possible utilization of equipment. Management can receive notifications of location violations or idle times, retrieve reports based on historical activity, and identify underutilized assets.


A tight parking situation around the station or airport is probably familiar to most people. KKM solutions can help your customers to find their ideal parking space according to their travel data and the current parking utilization. The user can save the position of his own car in the app – thus, even after a longer absence, the way back to the car is no longer a problem (car finder).

The system can also support the passenger during the whole intermodal arrival – no matter whether the traveler uses car, bike, car sharing, bus, train or a combination of them. Current delays are taken into account when calculating the journey.

Technical Implementation

The existing technical infrastructure can directly be used in many cases. Depending on the requirement, the operator choses a client-based (app is necessary, positioning via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons and sensor fusion, including a back channel) or a server-based solution (no app required; positioning via KKM Locator Nodes; detection of Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth beacons, Ultra-wideband or RFID modules; no back channel available). High-precision solutions with low latencies can be implemented on the basis of Ultra-wideband (UWB). The use of RFID is suitable for a point-specific object identification with high unit numbers.

Indoor navigation software by KKM can be implemented in existing applications, websites and hospital information systems. The accuracy is – depending on the technical realization – up to ten centimeters or less.