Social Distancing Alarm Contact Tracing Pendant/Keychain K18


K11 SOS Panic button beacon

Social Distancing Alarm
Pendant wearing, stylish and portable
Light and small (10g,  36mm*36mm*5.6mm)
Vibration/LED Flash/Mute optional to alert
Work without smartphone or App.
Group control
Replaceable battery
Auto Sleep mode
Adjustable distance
Distancing history recording  


K18 Social Distancing Alarm Contact Tracing Token is wearable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) & RFID device designed as a technological aid to control the distance between people in workplace, school, and public area, prevent people getting too close with each other. It can also use for tracking and managing the proximity of Contracts between people via IoT gateway.

Working State: up to 30 days (based on 12 hours usage per day
                            15 days (based on 24 hours usage per day)
Battery: Replaceable

The safe distance can be defined by yourself based on various scenes–far, middle, near. We also provide flexible setting to allow the social distancing alarm to work in different scenarios, for example, you can configure the alarm alert only trigger after preset timer. 
We will API or SDK for your integration with your APP, to configure the parameter or download the IDs.
The battery life will be affected by the usage and configurations. 


Alert WayVibration/LED
Alert Distance1~3 meters (3~6 feet) adjustable
Battery Type3V CR2032 Coin Battery, replaceable
Battery life     up to 30 days (12 hours usage per day)
ButtonON/OFF button

How It Works

Device to Device Solution

IoT Gateway Solution