Intelligent burglar alarm in life

Modern life, science and technology life, smart devices penetrate every corner of our lives. With the advent of intelligent times, many businesses are pursuing “smart” hotspots to advertise their own products. These are pseudo-smart commodities. The following Xiao Bian introduced why the smart anti-theft alarm called “smart”, through several cases in life to prove that intelligent anti-theft alarm is not a pseudo-smart product.


So first introduce smart burglar alarm. It is through the mobile phone Bluetooth and APP linked with the device, with the strength of the Bluetooth signal and fluctuations in the trigger device and mobile phone two-way alarm principle. Smart is in the App, not just bidirectional alarms. The APP can also search for lost items through the community, and it has a tracking navigation function. Here’s a case study: Shenzhen is a busy city, and the daily flow of people seems to be getting more and more congested. Xiaochen, an migrant worker. Usually lived in the dormitory of the factory, every month fortunate enough to go to work, wages are also barely for the family’s living expenses. Staff quarters, after all, people are more hands-on. The phenomenon of losing things often occurs. This is not Chen’s wallet is lost several times. Fortunately, the wages are sent to the bank card, the loss is not great, but the loss of documents and the like makes him a headache. Later, after a friend recommended him to use the smart anti-theft alarm iTrack 2, what do you guess? Intelligent anti-theft alarm iTrack 2 actually helped factory security to seize the thief. Since then, the smart anti-theft alarm has become the guardian of the dormitory, employees have used a smart anti-theft alarm. This is the performance of intelligence. Through the APP’s tracking and navigation function, it can accurately find the location of the lost items, and it is a good way to watch valuables and make the thief look daunting.


Summary, smart burglar alarm is our life assistant, humanized functional design, understand our needs, provide our intelligent solutions, what are you still hesitating? Come and find out.

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