Smart lock solution

Lock: The intention is to place the device on an openable or closable object. Open it with a key or password. The extended meaning is locked with a lock and closed. Compared to traditional locks, it is nothing more than opening with a key or password. If the key is lost and the password is forgotten, the locksmith must be unlocked or the lock must be destroyed to open it. Modern smart locks provide professional smart lock solutions to solve all worries.



Smart lock solutions are:

1. Mobile phone Bluetooth one-key unlock, widely used in the sharing economy, public place items storage, luggage industry, to solve the problem of unlocking with a key, providing a convenient and efficient service measures.

2. The password is unlocked. When the phone is not powered, it can be unlocked with a password. The way the password is unlocked also breaks the traditional digital password, similar to the Morse code. Solve the problem that you don’t have to hide when entering the password, smart and convenient.

3. Anti-lost solution, through the mobile phone APP Bluetooth link, with the Bluetooth signal disconnect to remind you that the items fall. Solve the trouble of losing the forgotten.

4. Navigation tracking, when the item is lost somewhere, it can be tracked through the mobile phone APP to find the item.

The above smart lock solutions are provided by KKM.

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