Is smart burglar alarm easy to use?

Believe that everyone has a forgotten wallet or lost (stolen) painful experience… Here’s a smart burglar alarm to let you bid farewell to this pain…

Smart anti-theft alarm, just need to clip it in the wallet, it can remind you whether the wallet was forgotten, is still on the body.

After your mobile phone and smart anti-theft alarm have established a Bluetooth connection, protect your property 24 hours a day by using the mobile APP software.

The main purpose is to prevent loss and theft. It has a two-way reminder function. Once the mobile phone and smart anti-theft alarm exceeds the communication range (5-10 meters), both will send a “drop” sound to remind the user to forget to carry another item. And the alarm distance can be set by yourself, 5M, 10M, 25M.

Locate and find: When you get up early, can’t find your mobile phone or can’t find your wallet, you can use the mobile phone or intelligent anti-theft alarm to let the other party make a sound and easily find each other.

Anti-lost key chain: Replace the key chain accessories, then the smart anti-theft alarm becomes anti-lost key chain. If you are hanging with important items such as car keys and gate keys, your keys will no longer be lost.

Smart burglar alarms are a good choice not only in your wallet but on a backpack, suitcase, or your pet.

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