Refuse to lose three things and let Bluetooth intelligent anti-lost device to help

In my life, I believe that you will often encounter encounters where you cannot find your personal belongings, such as keys, wallets, door cards, and mobile phones. It is very difficult to change the problems and how to change this situation. I believe everyone has their own coups. The Bluetooth smart anti-lost device series products are not unfamiliar to everyone. It can help you to change the hardships of this hard search. It is really convenient to search by one click.

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       Bluetooth intelligent anti-lost device series products support two-way anti-lost. When the mobile phone and Bluetooth anti-lost device exceeds 5-10 meters, the Bluetooth anti-lost device and the mobile phone will send an alarm at the same time; Lost device can send up to 90dB, from now on will no longer worry about not find the key, wallet; can accurately record the location of the Bluetooth smart anti-lost device lost, such as lost in restaurants, airports, companies, etc., allowing you to find; press Two Bluetooth smart anti-lost button, the phone will be issued a tone, allowing you to quickly find the phone, do not have to find through other phones!


     Bluetooth smart anti-lost device adopts CR2032 button battery, while being easy to replace, due to the low power consumption experience brought by Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth smart anti-lost device standby for up to 1 year. Like friends can learn a lot, really can help you reduce the trouble of finding things. 

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