Analysis of Intelligent Anti-theft Alarm Principle

Intelligent anti-theft alarm, is the use of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, through the distance changes to determine whether the items are still controlled in the safe range, or whether the items have been moved equipment. The following small series for everyone to introduce the smart burglar alarm principle.


The smart burglar alarm is linked to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. When the distance between the mobile phone and the smart burglar alarm is extended (typically 5-10 meters), the Bluetooth signal will be weak, and the mobile phone and smart burglar alarm will be issued at the same time. “Alarm” sound; smart anti-theft alarm will also use the fluctuation of the Bluetooth signal to determine whether the item was moved, when the item is moved, the Bluetooth signal will fluctuate, mobile phone and smart anti-theft alarm will also send “alarm” sound.


Simply put, it is through the Bluetooth signal to monitor the movement of items. So manufacturers in the production of intelligent anti-theft alarm, conscience manufacturers will do a very careful Bluetooth signal source, including anti-jamming. Some cheap products completely ignore signal interference. This is the difference in price on the market.


The above is the introduction of the smart anti-theft alarm principle, we can find out. The mobile phone is not connected to the terminal and core of the intelligent anti-theft alarm. The mobile phone is lost. We also have cloud data and can track the navigation monitoring. For details, please visit the official website:

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